Cuddly: Jeffrey Surio

A surefire cure to that rainy day feeling would have to be Jeffrey Surio, 24 years old and a part-time model. Hot stuff but genial and cuddlesome, Jeffrey Surio was the winner at the Coolwaves Bikini Open last year. This Malolos City, Bulacan native has been modeling for minor league designers and local brands for quite some time.

8 thoughts on “Cuddly: Jeffrey Surio”

  1. I’ve seen the fashion show and he looks comfortable on the stage…strong confidence in his great body. He strots as if he is a pro. We got a STAR here….people!

  2. You guys need to update his pictures. He’s been through a lot of gigs and he’s been doing really good. Show pics of him that will make me crazy all night long. I’m hooked on him. More power Jeff, hope to see you in magazine cover.

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