Cute Boy Sexy

I’m always dreaming of a cute boy fresh as a daisy, in an innocent  kind of way but really a full-grown man, sexy and handsome as fuck. I can’t believe student and occasional model Franz Garcia escaped our risqué radar these past few months.  He’s here now, pulling off both the boy-next-door look and the naughty and wicked mug. Isn’t he adorable?

43 thoughts on “Cute Boy Sexy”

  1. gustong gusto ko siya. mukhang malaki titi at masarap kumantot. swerte ng mga beking nasawsawan na ng burat niya

  2. Si Franz talaga is love love love. Basta kapampangan manyaman (masarap), ang dami pakilikili shot sa ig niya which is worth drooling. Nakapa generous, i hope marc david and andre lagdameo will be more daring like him since the three of them are product of sm youth.

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