Cute or Sexy?

Gil Cuerva’s a cute boy, fresh as a daisy, but really a full-grown man, sexy and handsome as. I can’t believe he escaped our risqué radar these past few months.  He’s here now, pulling off both the boy-next-door look and the naughty and wicked mug. Isn’t he adorable?

44 thoughts on “Cute or Sexy?”

  1. No, it’s another generic-looking douche. Stop trying to make him happen. He’s not going to happen.

      1. Bwahahaha hayop ka!

        Pero mukha talaga siyang chinese auntie from the mainland. Lalo na dahil sa gupit niyang galing David’s Tea House…Salon.

  2. Nagbaballet po ba siya? Nakapointed ang toes nya sa first pic puhrang ballerina. Naalala ko po ballet training ko as a young girl.

    1. Baks kahit gaano mo siyang laitin kesyo ganito o ganyan, MAPERA siya at DUAL CITIZEN PH and SPAIN. At grabe ka masyado magilusyon dyan. Mukhang this lockdown has given you cabin fever at naapekto lalo yang utak mo.

      1. Oh ehm, puhrang di ko naman po siya nilalait po, pehroh curious lang po ako kung nagaral po siya ng ballet. Puhrang ganyan din po kasi toes ko po pag nagiistretching po ako as a little ballerina. And di lang naman po girls ang nagbaballet pehroh pati boys po. Dami po boys na nagbaballet po. Sana po wag ka po nega. Papanget ka po lalo nyan. Peace po.

      2. Weno naman ngayon kung mapera sya at dual citizen? Doesn’t change the fact na mukha syang tindero ng siopao at pancit sa binondo! Che!

  3. Cuter ever since he cut his hair. I wanna stick my tongue into his ass while he jacks off.

  4. He can be both cute and sexy!
    He’s definitely become more attractive lately, though I didn’t mind the long hair. I think he’d probably look damn gorgeous if he had his hair in a messy bun. Whew!

  5. Met him once thru a friend. Not really friendly. Nakasimangot all throughout the meal. Hahaha well, di ko naman alam pinagdadaanan nya that time, and he is not obliged to smile always… but somehow it still made a negative impression. Haha. Still a cutie tho.

  6. Iba iba naman tau ng type. For me, he’s become a new crush hehe. Bukod sa eye candy, he’s got brains and class. Grabe naman makalait iba dito. Baka mas type nila mga nagbibikini pageant.

  7. I have never seen a straight guy pose for a photo with his toes pointed like a ballerina.

  8. Sorry But I will be straight to the point. Not really exuding any masculine quality, from physical physique I don’t see anything at all – No shred lean muscle and I wonder is he a model? because models I saw are shred and lean hard! they should really make serious about fitness routine and diet. Its looked like his not there yet.

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