Daniel Updates

This is what Daniel Matsunaga looks like now. Although he’s getting a bit rusty around the edges, the young-looking actor-model is still endorsing underwear, among his many other activities and projects.  I’m not complaining now: well-toned bod, tiny undies, and some semblance of dick! Looks good, if you ask me.

20 thoughts on “Daniel Updates”

  1. Bakit naman ‘semblance of dick’. Lalaki naman siya, sigurado meron.
    At bakit italicized ang ‘activities’?
    (Maybe, just drop ‘semblance’ next time, Admin. May bulge naman.)

    Have a “busy” week, rddantes.com! Para more prosperity for all. 🙂

    (Another Nippo-Brasilieiro who has aged gracefully is HM. Must be in that bloodline combo. Doesn’t “crack”.)

  2. Si Mr. Utang dito utang doon. Estafador ang pegsung ng lolo niyo. Ka turn off! <3 <3 <3 PRAK!

    1. Nsan proof mo bakla puro ka hearsay kung totoo yun for sure d k nya inutangan dahil mahirap k p sa daga kya shut up k n lng ok.

      1. Di ko ugaling magbayad ng lalaki. Thank you girl ako. Sanay kang magbayad kasi ubod ka ng chararat, baklang tander! <3 <3 <3 PRAK!

  3. Oh ehm my Momsh RD, puhrang I am still in love with my Dandan. Kahit poh medyo tanders na poh siya, pehroh puhrang still yummy and sexy pa rin poh. Hihi. Love you poh my Dandan.

  4. How old is he?
    If he’s already in his 40s, he should have saved money from his years of modeling and should be running his own business na.

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