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David damn fine

davidmainI’m not actually sure if he’s a cutie or a hunky guy. I’m pretty certain he is very appealing. And hot. When I first posted a photo of new Masculados Dos member David Karrel, there was a clamor for more images of the handsome Cebuano in, of course, tiny bikinis. Admittedly, he’s the anti-type in the group – clean-cut, boy-next-door member in contrast to the rugged, street men look of the others.

David Karell  copySince there is a dearth of new images of David as a Masculados member, I guess I’ll just have to populate this post with his relatively older photos, back when he had a predilection for bikini competitions and summer-wear fashion shows. He’s such a delight, this David guy! See more after the jump  DavidKb copy DavidK copy David1 copy David Sommerauer 1 copyDavidKdDavidKc

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  1. Nakakaelya siguro pag nakatuwad sya na hubot hubad at ready na. hehehe pink yung butas ng pwet at gusto pa dilaan! tapos may konting katas lumalabas sa titi nya sa sarap!!!

  2. He used to be my P.E classmate back in college. Not so tall and medyo chubby pa sya nun. Nakasabay ko sa changing room at decent size lang. Perhaps, a grower? Hehehe

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