Hot Men in the Philippines

David’s Thang

The brother also rises. Or hardens. Former SM Department Store Teens Wear model David Tang poses with his new hot bod in skimpy underwear. He’s following the footsteps of his brother Benjamin, perhaps, in the things-and-thongs category. Of course, he looks promising.
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  1. i want to eat the whole package – ang burat at bayag pagsasabayin ko isubo…makaya ko kaya? sarrrrap!!!!

  2. sorry gays. but these guys don’t make patol to you.

    Friday, 05 April, 2013

    Yeah as if he will make patol to you too!!! Duh!!!!
    Ganda mo Teh!!! Mangilabot ka!

  3. ohhh my god!! sana ako ung nag ayos ng burat nya!! ang taba taba di pa sya matigas sa lagay na yan! more..

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