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Defying the dadbod trend

Amir56He may be a bit older now, but Carlos Agassi has maintained his fine, fine physique all this time. Bucking fitness and body trends (like the #dadbod), Carlos is always showing off his burly bruising form in his social media accounts. It’s a good thing he’s also an underwear model (Guitar), in his buffed and polished, ripped and muscular glory.

gazAnd most adorable, sexy, lovable hunk Gaz Holgate, too. With his hot bod, disarming smile and boyish appeal, the 27-year-old athlete can’t go wrong, enough to make the girls and girls swoon over him even more.

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    1. natawa ako sa sinabi mo na tamad magworkout ang dadbod. Carlos Agassi, tamad magworkout?? You don’t get that ripped without proper nutrition and making the gym your 2nd home. Have you seen gaz in person?? He is also ripped. Perhaps what you’re referring to is burly/bodybuilder kind of body.

  1. Super hot ni Gaz. Ganyan ang masarap na lalaki ung malaman at hindi masyadong sculpted. Ung parang daddy na talaga. Mas masarap magpakantot sa mga daddy.

  2. saan kuha itong underwear pic ni gaz? alam ko last 2012 pa yung underwear pic nya sa bench at hindi ito galing dun. nakuha na rin ba cya ng guitar?

  3. Gaz seems like the type of guy you want to lose your virginity to. That smug look!.

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