hideoToday we do modest and mannerly. Well, a bit. For the past few days, the anonymous sex videos (and photos) broke the internet. It was my site, actually, which broke down and I had to fix my resource limits . It is utterly expensive to purchase additional resources necessary to keep the site up and running at top speed, so I won’t do it again. It means the salacious videos (unless the next big thing comes along, if you know what I’m saying). But I digress. Here’s our favorite Brazilian, Hideo Muraoka who loves the sun and the pool and who’s clothes-averse. You’re welcome.

41 thoughts on “Dips”

    1. Bakla, ilulunod ka lang ni Hideo para mamatay ka!

      Hmmm, not a bad idea. Sige, bakla, puntahan mo na siya sa pool para mabalitaan kami na nalunod ka.

  1. Hideo is my all-time favorite model. He’s still sexy as fuck. And the most handsome, IMO (though Daniel comes in a close second). I wonder if he’s a grower.

    Available for booking kamo, he’d be worth every penny.

  2. pinaka love ko talaga si daniel sa lahat ng brazilian. ang gwapo kasi at mukhang masarap kumantot. swerte talaga ni ateng erich at napagsawaan ang etits nya. araw araw siguro silang nagkakantutan

  3. i like underwer but its no bukol. no humps like is someone in real world. hindi ko sya gusto! panget! is like is penis is no hard or in ther.

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