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  1. Most of these white models who travel to Asia don’t really have modeling as their main source of income. They’re usually after sugar daddies (or mommies) who’d make life easier for them. Most of the Brapanese models in the Philippines started this way til now

    1. Louder for the people at the back haha! These “white models” barely pass as models back home, so I don’t really get their hype. They’re meh.

    2. in other words, most (if not all) of them are hustlers disguising as models. di na yata sila kumikita sa sarili nilang bayan.

    3. Ay juzko super agree ako dyan sa sinabe mo sissy Rosavic! Maraming puti dito satin sa Pinas na ang main job at main source ng kwarta ay ang pagpapakain sa burat nilang puti sa mga baklang gutom sa puting burat. I should know I’m one of the gutom sa puting burat. By the way, hi to Ben Chan, the great inang uhaw sa puting burat na malalaki, mahahaba, matataba at mauugat hehehe

  2. Hay naku RD, kaingit-ingit talaga yung mga sources mu hah.

    Wla akung mahanap na trace ng video nitung Adonis na tu.

    Ayyyyyyy kainis.

    1. Gaga ang dali hanapin search mo lang asher ramone, yun ang screen name nya sa gay hoopla teh! Nagkalat sa internet noh!

    2. The Heartbreak Boy Asher Ramone Bianca Dale. Search that one in Google. Advance ko na, you’re welcome hahahahahaha pero pag walang lumabas ibig sabihin naka block yung site sa internet provider mo.

  3. Alam na alam ni Mama Ben kung anu anong “modelling agency” ang tatawagan. Sana tawagan nya yung Amateur College Guys. 😆

  4. Oh ehm, puhrang bet ko sumubo ng malaki at matabang lollipop, lollipop, ang sarap sarap, lol-li-pop!!!

    1. “Libreng magilusyon at mangarap” which seems to be your wont in life. Kawawa ka naman hanggang tingin nalang.

  5. nakakatawa naman mga tao dito…ang daming issues sa buhay nila…obviouis ba…tayo lahat consumers of hotmen…tapos dami pa sabi kung anik-anik…hayz…enjoy na lang sana…pasalamat tayo may mga men na handang maghubad, maki-M2M sex at magpalabas ng kanilang gatas…

  6. Daming Ilusyunada dito, very common naman sa States na ganyan quick money if they really need it. Porn Industry in the States is accepted in all Legal Laws of course which is followed/regulated rules, that are implemented there. We are conservative country so Porn Industry in the Philippines well ain’t that much in the limelight compared in the US. Children in the US at times is left to their own fate or choose to be independent much in cases teens there – are more independent compared to the teens here in the Philippines. When they reach of course for example in legal age for College if they choose it they have to do part-time jobs, be self employed, if you are lucky become a model and some other venture be in an amateur porn company that pays you out more salary than you faggots can even give. Why would they choose Philippines? bwahhahahaah? either they are furthering their careers as model or getting more exposure for projects. A model with good standing can earn at least 30K$ Imagine? even if you are a professional here in Ph you can’t earn that money in one catwalk. Damn sisters get real, don’t always believe gossips feeding your illusionist tanga ignorante makati mindset because here in this country fewer are fewer the opportunities and even if this models are desperate for a job they are richer than you faggots will ever be – You lot can’t even buy land in the US! Stupid Ilusyunadang mga bakla!

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