Dreamboat: Rei de Castro

Ronee Ray de Castro aka Rei de Castro is a 23-year old 6′-tall model of Mediatrix Modeling Agency. Last seen as one of the pre-pageant candidates of Mr. World-Philippines, Rei backed out at the last minute. The dusky stunner from Mandaluyong City, has also appeared in commercial spots on tv and print ads, and has been doing quite a number of ramp shows of late. Rei remains unfazed despite the nasty rumors about him, i.e. the garden variety of rumors surrounding a male model like cosmetic surgery [nose and chin], sexual preference, and wealthy benefactors.

3 thoughts on “Dreamboat: Rei de Castro”

  1. I think ei De Castro looks better in person, hes not photogenic though. Its an open secret he being gay. He used to live with a wealthy benefactor and later on dated a male model. He used to work for a Call center stayed there for awhile. He actually tried modeling 7 years ago but failed so he had his nose and chin done and came back with a vcengeance. There are some rumors about him from other male models, him being pretencious, too effeminate and too star strucked about modeling. but as an agent and based on my what I see. Rei is a good model hes cute although lacks the “look” to be an international model, He is a good person and has a very good heart. Hes leaving for Malaysia soon.

  2. All The Issues with rei are all rumors though, I pity rei cause he is not pretentious, I’ve met him and work with him for several times, suplado regarding effeminate i gues thats how zamboanguenos are malambing… I feel sorry for those people who keep on mistaking regarding his sexuality… Such a good person Keep up the good work REI..don’t listen to those people who are insecure….

  3. yup thats true,he has a benefactor kaya nag pa retoke na sya for modelling,trying hard to be model as well!!!!Ive work with this guy and akala mo kung sinong top model na sya,sayang ka ronee,

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