Hot Men in the Philippines


There two hunky imports who are currently endorsing different energy drinks on tv commercials.  While Filipino-British model and football player Phil Younghusband [top photos] is busy promoting Del Monte Fit ‘N Right juice drinks “to quench your thirst and keep you in shape,” Costa Rican model and Manhunt 2008 runner-up Cesar Vargas was filming his spot for Cobra Energy Drink to promote “true strength.”  Of course, they look highly pleasing in their TVCs and print ads as they take off their shirts to prove the power and potency of their respective drinks! 
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  1. I saw Phil having a meal at McDonald’s Northgate Alabang with a lady companion at around 3 am. He May look muscular in pictures but i find him payat in person. I resisted getting his autograph, dyahe eh.

  2. Phil’s so yummy and gorgeous. If he’s really that slim like what the first Anonymous said, it only means that he’s just the right body type for a football player.

    The other guy’s not my type though but he has a great body nonetheless.

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