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Face and Body

The are advanced tools these days to check if the picture is photoshopped or not. AI can detect if the face or body of a model has been manipulated to make the image more “perfect” or symmetrical. In Derrick Monasterio’s case, I think he’s showing the real thing, by serving us face and body. The torso and arms and legs have been toned from hours of work in the gym (plus, plus). Whaddya. think?

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  1. Dear Rddantes Fans,

    Hello to all of you!

    Oh my Derrick Monasterio is my ultimatr crush. I wish I can take him home to my home town USA. 🇺🇸

    Every day in my oops in our bed. I will lick lick his glans and suck his glans until he moans on extreme pleasure.🍆

    And i will suck his balls one by one until his cum explode inside my mouth while sucking and licking his glans.🍌

    The End

    Apollo Jay “Joko” Robles

    Please no bashing . ♥️

    1. “home town USA” ROFL

      “glans” ROFL

      Spelling errors. Made up words. Subject-Verb Agreement. Delusional claims. ROFL

      Linisin mo na yung banyo dito gamit yung article mo na itinuring naming na basura.

        1. “Your” pakatanga mo. Tigilan mo pagfefeeling at masasampal kita ng Tallano Gold Bars ko

          1. Hi Tita Lavina,

            Even thought my grammar is have many mistakes I still live here in the USA 🇺🇸 with no poverty and what so ever. How about you Lavinia? You live in Poverty.

            Apollo Jay “Joko” Robles

              1. Even thought my mom is a maid. My mom have a bigger salary than yours. That makes you suffer in the poverty.

          1. Hablarla solo en Castellano si su Castellano es de la traduccíon de google, no la hablas solo en Ingles o Tagalo!

    1. Speak for yourself, Rossana in the highest. Ikaw siguro yung Mongoloid kasi that’s on your mind. And Mongoloid is the correct spelling.

  2. Unfortunately, Pinoy Showbiz Graphic Artists never learn. They always completely remove the eyebags, making the face 25% different na mukang manas. Malamang utos din ng mga baklang tanders sa industrya. Number 1 pinapatanggal parati ng Pinoy Showbiz ever since unang lumabas ang FHM, etc – eyebags.

      1. Nope. Retained ang eyebags sa kanila. Lighten, reduce, pero never removed. Di nga kasi natural pag walang talukap sa ilalim. Sabagay… India standards tanggal lahat ng talukap.

      1. Como tú. Yo solo digo cual es que la verdad. ¡Como Derrick tiene su video desñudo como los muchachos de Vic Fabe y Daddy Blake!

      1. Despues de eso, respuestar me solo en Castellano, NO HABLAR ME SOLO EN INGLES O TAGALO! Lo digas así como tu Castellano es mejor que mi Castellano. Hablamos solo en Castellano.

        Si no puedes comprender Castellano, just talk or answer to me only in Spanish! Pruebar me que los locales de las Filipinas son muy toxico.

  3. with that face and body keber kahit na silicone insert pa si derrick. so hot! swerte ng ate alden nyo!

  4. Filtered and photoshopped as usual. It’s the norm in the industry. Even the ordinary people on instagram use filter and photo editor, in addition to mention makeup.

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