Face Off

I can’t decide who’s hotter between David Licauco or Neil Dy. So I’m putting it out here, for you dear wayward readers to decide. Both are Bench endorsers, although David pushed the envelope a wee bit farther with his briefs-clad turn at the recent underwear show. We expect Neil to do the same, soon, but what the heck, you’ve seen his privates here some time ago, right?

42 thoughts on “Face Off”

    1. Di sila same league ni
      David at daniel excuse me lang ha!

      Mas high end si Daniel kaya wag
      Chararat na david wag ang daniel ko pls!

  1. David Laudico Ako all the way!!!!!’ Ang gwapo nya dyan mga sis pa booking ba sya? How much?? I can pay kahit magkano pa sya sa dami konh franchise ng 7/11 in the country 😉

  2. Yum nila. But fil is small is da notes. Kawawa naman ang batuta nila. Pero me like is David more. Kita ko na notes nito sa cr at bgc. Smol is not but teribol.

  3. I like David Licauco better. He’s the type that is generous and accommodating even to loud gays. Niggy is like someone who would beat you to a pulp if you try to make friends with him

  4. Ang pinakaaabangan ko talaga na mag-underwear photoshoot at ramp ay si Derrick Monasterio. Who’s with me mga sisteret?

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