Fireball: Bembol Cabasal

He was the model who sported the feminine look before: long straight hair and gracious strides. Yet, Bembol Cabasal, now 28 years old and still winning bikini contests one after the other, has stayed in the business with his new more-manful look. He first appeared in 2004 when he joined the first Bikini Open: The Pageant, where he was one of the finalists. Eventually, he was the grand winner at the 2004 Mr. and Ms. Sexy Body Bikini Open sponsored by Sta. Lucia Mall. This year, despite the presence of younger and buffer contestants, he managed to land first runner-up at the Bikini Frenzy pageant [held at Golden Sunset Resort owned by famous hairdresser Ricky Reyes] and as finalist at the Beach Bodies Bikini Championship in Subic Bay.

4 thoughts on “Fireball: Bembol Cabasal”

  1. I hear that RODEL FELICIDARIO worksout in Golds Gym. No doubt, a freebie and thus he’ll be abusive and “obnoxious” as these wannabes go.

    Oh, well! At least he’s cute and I’ll play the Mr. Congeniality part to befriend him soon!

  2. Oh J., now you are liverish. He is a nice kid. Give him a break. And as for Jon Mullally, I only got the info from his press releases [banker from the UK, my arse].

  3. How do you know that Rodel’s a nice kid? Have you actually seen him or interacted with him at the gym?

    Do you “know” anything else about him?

    I still don’t see Chris Nepomuceno at the gym. And what’s happened to Hermann Weber?

  4. Not in the gym. Met him once in a party. I guess he knows where he stands. What I “know” about him is that he’s just trying to earn a living. So be nice to him J.

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