27 thoughts on “Flashback Flashing”

  1. Tru. dati bench body endorsers were oozing with manly appeal, barakong barako. Di na nakaka elya ang bench body endorsers these days. Juice ko mas malaki pa katawan ko!

  2. Geez! Tomoh ka poh Momsh RD! Puhrang you can smell them hot men talaga poh. Pehroh recent pic po ba yan? Kasi if it is, puhrang bumata pa siya.

      1. Gaga. Physical therapist ako alam ko ang external oblique at hindi yan yon. Bilbil yan. Atribidang to nagmamarunong pa.

    1. How dare you speak ill of chubuff bears! May your loins wither, and your lips touch pussy forever! To straight hell with you.

  3. Feeling ko Enzo Pineda pays to be a Bench model. Yung tatay nagbabayad. Maski saan anggulo kasi chaka eh pero kinuha pa din ng Bench!

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