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Flaw. Less.

Although models and actors are expected to be physically perfect, or at least perceived to be flawless, the hard fact is – they are just humans after all, with those little flaws and imperfections.  So if you look closely at Rafael Rosell‘s body in the photo above, or maybe Jake Cuenca‘s infamous butt [Jake fanatics are blindly denying, as they argue that the camera had imperfections. Funny.], you would see the  lines, spots, and scars that make them humans after all.  And nobody’s perfect.  The incredibly handsome-and-great-bod trick that you got last weekend probably had halitosis, undescended testicles, organic smell in his pubic area, athlete’s foot, jock itch or a tiny weiner.  And then again, a puny pee-pee would have to be another story.
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  1. it is true, very often i’m disappointed when i see models and celebrities up-close. we have this picture in our minds based on cleaned-up photos and made-up skin in movies that they usually don’t match with the reality that they are just as human as all of us.

  2. CALLING DR. BELO, CALLING DR. CALAYAN…RAFA is one person i perceive would consult the above drs. for a quickie fix. if not, there is the more expensive dr. to the stars in Hollywood (ask Joan Rivers, she’s a regular or the infamous Michael Jackson, he’s a fanatic). for a more quicker fix or complete bodywork at half the price, try Latin America. testimonials from beauty contestants or die-hard badings with $$$ to burn (no wonder they clean sweep titles like litter at Baywalk every year).

  3. these are just minor details. their imperfections make them all the more human, thus, all the more desirable. rafael will always be beautiful in my eyes.

  4. i like little bits imperfections on what seemed to be perfect bodies. it makes them look more natural than those artificially/scientifically enhanced “perfect and flawless” beings.

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