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For A Princely Sum

Speaking of macho dancers, here is our feature today – Prince Clemente, who is not a macho dancer, but was rumored to have done bridal showers in his bikini open past. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s a means to earn money. He’s really come (no pun) a long way from his storied years as a struggling entertainer.

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    1. Let me just say that working as an escort should not be a reason to humiliate him. Sex work is legitimate and respectable work. If he is one of them, I hope many people are now happier with their lives.

    1. The package includes 2 hrs free laundry, unlimited tea, unli oxygenated hilod and a gift certificate to Cubao famous tour.

  1. Such beautiful creature. A manly handsome face with a body -that is not too slim and not too muscular either. The right broadness of chest and flatness of tummy seems so appealing. Skin is nice and not sullied by tattoos. Is this what they call toned body?

  2. Buti nga na-i-ahon siya sa Lips Gay Bar nung Gay Doctor na ka-live in na niya for decades now… kaya di xa pede mag loko kc ginarahe niya ito At binihisan bilang tao…. napansin niyo ba, with Or without project carry lang? Travels, Shopping, Grooming etc.,….. kaya rin stagnant career niya kc sensitive c Gay partner, seloso, kaya ok na kay Prince ang support lang kc afford ni Doctor ang luho niya…….

  3. Dapat ilegalize na yang escort service and prostitution.
    Para magbayad din sila ng taxes lalo na yung mga bugaw nila na malaki ang porsyento, especially yung mga “high class” prostis and bugaws. Alam niyo na kung sino sila.
    Para rin maprotektahan ang mga prosti from abuse from their boss bugaws 🤑
    They should do mandatory STD tests too.

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