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agassi copyBecause we never get tired of seeing his bod.., er, bulge and handsome mug, here’s another Carlos Agassi  image in standard Guitar briefs. Yes, he’s the longest-serving underwear endorser in town  and we’ll be seeing more of him in racy, risqué pictures pretty soon!

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  1. Sarap kagatin ng utong hanggang sa matanggal lols! Footah bayag na ba yun? Try nyo zoom-in yung pic. Roaarrr!!!

  2. Amir kailangan mo ba ng maid? mag-aapply ako! nang sa ganun kapag nalasing ka ako ang aakay sau at magpupunas ng basang bimpo sa buo mung katawan!

  3. Regardless of what others say, I super love him to the bones. UGGHHHH! WAPAKELS KUNG SMALL ANG BURAT! NASA PERFORMANCE IYAN. AND BORTA PA LANG, SOLVE NA!

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