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Speaking of backsides, what’s another cheeky post for the day featuring the gorgeous Brazilian Sandro Rabello? If he looks familiar, he’s a Bench Body model some time back. Today, he didn’t put on dem briefs, and we are doubly glad he didn’t. If you get lucky, you’ll see more than an an impeccable ass.

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    1. Darling, ramdam ko ang inggit mo kay Ben Chan. Moral of the story: Magsikap din para ma-afford ang boys. #pagmayperamaypapa

  1. si tim yap ba or si lola benchan or si mvp ang nakatikim dito? Hahaha… Muka nga fresh na fresh! he look’s playful ang naughty! Wow..

    1. Puro ka naman gaydar ng gaydar dyan. Sabihin mo lang na LAHAT ng mga guapong lalaki sa mundo mag bakla “according to your gaydar”.

      Masmasahol ka talaga kesa hayop!


  2. Much better watch his nude video if his nude video may leak. Asida from free of charge, you are more than 100% safe from STI like AIDS. Act wisely, We saw many photos of nude boys Worldwide showing their boyhoods in front of us.

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