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Fresh Boys

The other boys in the Bench underwear show are equally hot (if not hotter) as the banner men. Filipino-Lebanese student and varsity player Christian Salem (left) looks promising on the runway despite being a newbie. Bench favorite Nico del Rosario works his all-time sexy magic in skimpy briefs. It’s their turn to shine, too!

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  1. Di ako nagagwapuhan kay Nico del rosario sorry. Hayyy…bakit kaya di nakasali si Dennis sa bench this year

  2. Rich kid si Christian no he lives in Eastwood condo, he comes from Amerika mayaman tatay nya kaya hindi nya kelangan pabook!!!

    1. dami kayang pabook coming from rich families. ang parents nila ang mayaman noh, hindi sila mismo. hay obviosang outside the booking circle ka, forever outside looking in.

  3. Salem Bed na tayo jan!!! Basta ung mga middle eastern looking guys eh hot, uma-arabo aura, his silence exudes sexiness too.

  4. ang bait talaga ni nando sa personal.. halos everyday ko cxa nkakausap sa store namin.. very friendly at masayahin… pala biro pa..

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