34 thoughts on “Fuck the Apocalypse”

  1. yass, markki! I like the complete package he gave us – great job in identifying the 4B’s: body, butt, bulge, briefs

    wish he did this when he had shorter hair and leaner body back in 2012 tho.

    1. Never po nagkarelationship si Tito Marvs kay Mr Stromm. He is busy addressing the cochi issue. Please wag na po natin sha intrigahn. Hapi New Year friends!

  2. That bulge is phenomenal! Is he the reason why nagkaleche-leche yung mga cochinillo? May lq sila ni Marvin?Bongga!

    1. Huy naman tita, busy working si Tito Marvs. My Tito is kind and generous, but not in s relationship with Mr Stromm.

    2. Wala po silang relasyon ni Tito Marvs. My Tito is busy for his cochinillo business and he has no time for flirting. You should try his delicious food

  3. Tito Marvs has nothing to do with this. Ako na nagsasabi coz I’m sure the bekis here will connect him to Kuya Markki.

  4. Dyusko palpak na naman ang paumbok ni ateng Markki. Nung nakaraan, putong may keso. Ngayon, carrot na ata. Ang talim ng itlog e.

    1. E ano naman kung beki sya? Kung straight ang isang lalaki, hanggang gay for pay lang talaga yung relationship nyo and that is ok. Pero kung may fantasy ka na a straight guy will truly fall in love with you e nahihibang ka talaga kasi it does not exist. It simply means that guy is beki after all. The moment na na in love sya sa kapwa lalaki na walang halong pera e gay na yun

    1. Hey that’s not true. Tito Marvs is busy cooking food for the new year. He has no time for that. Please be careful with your accusations.

    2. Tito Marv and Markki never had a relationship. Tito Marv is straight and straight as an arrow. Very generous uncle to us. Stop naman, Tito Marv can give you cochinillo and other ulam,wag naman siya ilabel na gay. He is not poh, okay?

      1. It’s 2022. Nothing wrong with being talked about as possibly gay. He should be flattered that he’s an object of gay fantasies.

        Anyway, it’s probably true that markki and marvin “experimented”. hihihi

    1. Mas masarap ang cochinillo kesa kay Markki. Wag naman poh compare. Masarap din ang bbq at choc cookies ni Tito Marvs.

    1. I’m tried of explaining na po ateh anonymous that markki and tito Marvs has no relationship. Give me your address so I can deliver tito marv’s cochi. Thnx

  5. Non-issue nman if Marvin & Markki dd hook up. Markki is prime meat & Marvin is not unattractive. Both unattached. Let’s be happy for them! D more it is denied, d more it becomes obvious kc kya pamangkin, chill kn lang

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