Full Matty

It would be nice to see Matteo Guidicelli do the full monty, because – admit it – he’s getting hotter these days. There’s a certain body glow with that athletic mien. Sometimes he teases with his tri-suits and speedos, and we can just melt in awe.

31 thoughts on “Full Matty”

    1. Hindi din nakakainggit dahil virgin pa puke ni Sarah…hanggang first base lang siguro sila.Kaya I’m sure tigang na tigang na yang si Matteo.

      1. Naku Mamshie.. Na chismis si Ms. Granny na dinala sa St. Lukes BGC dahil nakunan daw.. Magaling lang daw talaga ang Viva pagdating sa damage control.. Yun ay chismis Lang naman pero who knows..

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