Hot Men in the Philippines


GilMr. International-Philippines 2013 Gil Wagas looks good naked. Well, the naked truth is that the 6’3″-tall model  while fully clothed, would not really be the type who stops you on your yellow-bricked tracks immediately based on looks alone. Naked, Gil would merit a second look. (Cheap-ass undies color-enhanced for your viewing pleasure).

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  1. Yan ang model! Alaga ang katawan! Di gaya ng ibang “model” kuno, matangkad lang nagsabi nang model sila e ang chaka naman ng build nila!

  2. are u people blind?? I don’t understand why some comments from above are saying gwapo sya or something to that effect!! omg!! eh kamukha sya ni ATE GLOW eh! Hipon..di hamak na me itsura ako dyn offense meant

      1. bulag ka nga cguru o baka duling …hahaha di nmn tlga sya gwapo kaya..nka brief lng at me VPL kya…walang dating in short pangit..mas pogi pa dyan si ATE GLOW hahaha

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