Glow Up

There is a certain period in our dreary lives when we transform from being ugly and penniless to well, personable and with some money.  TV bit player Luke Conde has certainly glowed up from his Lucky Conde days, thanks to a rigid skincare regimen, strict diet and regular exercise.

38 thoughts on “Glow Up”

    1. That might not be applicable to all though.. nagkapwet ako when i aged and gained weight i was skinny 10 yrs ago but metabolism slowed down and nagkalaman kahit ako kahit papano including pwet

    1. I so agree my dear Lande, gwapo na talaga sya nuon pa. Nagimprove ang katawan nya, especially his arms. But his face talagang gwapo na.

    1. Kala mu kinaganda mo yan. Una sa lahat pamintang jelly ace yan.. 2014? Ngaun nga di pa sya sikat anu pa nung 2014, baka nga di pa sya nagpaparetoke nun. Sayang ang P35000. Lol

  1. His baby pic in the Hashtag fanbook resembles closely how he looks today. Hard to imagine he’d grow up to be… someone needing cosmetic surgery. At any rate, if the nose job fixes what went wrong with the genetics, so be it. I think he looks hoooot, like some sort of a living male mannequin

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