Great Ari Tao

It has been slim pickings lately in the Naked Male Models Department, so here’s another interesting model from way back. He’s best remembered for his varsity basketball moments and the iconic Bench Body billboards. These days, he’s in the land of milk and honey, and everything is total sweetness after the jump!

33 thoughts on “Great Ari Tao”

  1. Max: (Quiet Mode) Ooh, that is huge…
    Daisy: Are you saying something Max?!
    Max: Uh, oh, no Daisy, just keep on watching Halik!
    Daisy: Hmm… Are you on that website again Max? Didn’t I tell you stop looking at half naked men?! Ugh!!!
    Max: But Daisy, there’s nothing wrong looking at fully naked, I mean half naked men! They arouse me, I mean inspire me to get fit!
    Daisy: Ugh!!! I hate you Max!!!

    1. Max: (Quiet Mode) Ooh, our posers are back…
      Daisy: Are you saying something, Max?!
      Max: Uh, oh, no Daisy, just keep on playing with my crotch!
      Daisy: Hmm… Are you liking it, Max? Didn’t I tell you that only I, your sister, does it best?! Ugh!!!
      Max: Yes, Daisy, you arouse me, but our posers like this “MAX & DAISY” really get on my nerves!
      Daisy: Ugh!!! I agree with you, Max!!!

    2. They really need to brush up on the use of PROPER PUNCTUATION MARKS because it makes them really stupid.

      RD: I know, right?

      1. At ikaw naman, sa kalagitnaan ng kakrung-krungan nila, punctuations talaga pinoproblema mo! Mas nakakaloka kang bakla ka!

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