Hot Men in the Philippines

Hail Cezar!

When I’m looking for a nice hunk post for the day, I tend to mine the underwear shoots of the numerous Brazilians in our midst. One of them Brazilian models, who has been under the radar lately, is definitely hot, hot, hot and his name is Cezar Augusto. He is back in town and he’s letting it all hang loose. We love ’em boys in skin-tight underwear, really!

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    1. Stupid Andres with his repetitive comments. “Bonifacio” ka na ngayon pero format ng comments mo same parin.

      Oh, Stupid Andres! Brazilian siya. Diba dapat SPANISH yung comment mo?

  1. Mga baklang uhaw sa burat, sa Remar Cinema maraming ganyan. Gusto niyo yung dalawa pa kaagad chupain mo. Game sila doon sa ganyan.

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