Hans Solo

HansVelanoIt’s always a treasure trove of handsome and hunky boys Down South. I meant that literally, down in Cebu City where the male models thrive. Hans Velano is one of them. You might have seen him compete in the Mister United Continents Philippines, where he finished in a runner-up position. And then again, he looks like a big winner to me.

46 thoughts on “Hans Solo”

  1. very prim and proper and well- mannered, I must say. I was shocked when I saw this. Didn’t know he could go that far

  2. Guys wag nyo naman itanong kay rd kung magkano ang damage ng model na to ok? unang una hindi sya kolboy, pangalawanmay breeding siya

  3. Dalhin na dito sa Manila now para naman masilayan ang kaguwapuhan nila. Wag lang sana mapunta sa mapag imbot na baklang designer na cheap!

  4. The men in cebu are very good, even the straight ones. They just need alcohol to make light hearted conversations, they don’t really go straight to money some just want genuine conversations. I mean they just give off a very different vibe than the guys in manila, I don’t know what makes them different but even the richer ones don’t descriminate.

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