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Harren Rising

L1424215John Harren Cuevas is on a career renaissance these days. After the Bench shows this year, he’s making himself visible again in the market, er, showbiz. He joined Viva Hotmen when it was just about to split for good, so nothing much came out of his showbiz career ten years ago. Prior to his stint in the sexy male group, John Harren was the Mister Caloocan City 2002 and the Mr. Face and Body Bikini Open 2003 in faraway Cagayan Valley. In 2004, he became a member of the Metro Hunks, a song-and-dance group of men performing in comedy and sing-along clubs in the metro. The following year, he was the grand champion in Bodyheat Model Search, which title paved the way for his inclusion in Viva Hotmen. He did a couple of straight-to-video films such as Pinoy Kamasutra and Erotic Lapdance, produced by Viva Entertainment. After Viva Hotmen, he went to work in Japan.

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  1. wow liked this RD! good for the eyes down there…luv it..thanks or maybe not yet hehehe … there might something more to this photoshoot so i will wait for it! Just kidding

  2. I have to admit, he may not be as young as guys I generally like but I’d give him a go. I think John Harren Cuevas is gorgeous by anyone’s standards.

  3. I have a confession to make in front of him… I’m down on my knees, put my veil, open my mouth and ready to receive his holly water… Lol…

  4. I always see him dati sa Singalong with a jologs girl. Nakaka elya look nya. I think nag Japan sila after that. Andito na pala.

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