Henrique Fukuoka, Brazilian model

There is no stopping the Brazilian invasion of Asian shores. Japanese-Brazilian male model Henrique Fukuoka has been modeling for quite some time now around Asia. He has done campaigns in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Manila. The 6’2″-tall model [chest – 38.5; waist – 30.5] is managed in the Philippines by Reco Modeling Agency.

13 thoughts on “Henrique Fukuoka, Brazilian model”

  1. QUESTIONS ????? 1) is “campaign” a modelling term 2) among the

    cities mentioned, why not tokyo. japs are famous for their liking and spending on designer and brand-name labelled products. big market means big adverts and big model demand 3) is this NOT a photoshopped picture 4) is he effem or a closeted TV.*”ENQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW” *****

    *copyright by the National Enquirer

  2. Hot! His body hair makes him so sexy … the pits … the leg hair … just imagine the pubes! Question though is: Is he sa Pinas dahil gusto n’ya o dahil we’re the only country biting? Considering how blinded we are by the concept of the mestizo, could it be that we’re the trash bin of other countries like Brazil, accepting models who, otherwise, won’t even make it to the D List there? And what does that say about us?

  3. ADMIT IT, MESTIZOS WILL ALWAYS HAVE ITS PLACE IN SOCIETY…it doesn’t matter whether it is pinas, mexico, brazil, india or even the great U.S.A. there is always the profound awe for mestizos. kaya lang we tend to go overboard here on admiration and emulation of the mestizo type. history will prove it. my vision: that mentality wlll not change, not in my lifetime, nor the ones in the face of the earth right now, say infinite. my advice: LEARN TO LIVE WITH THE LOOKS OF RICHARD GUTIERREZ! *****

    PS, good comments from IMAGINEHIS PUBES tho…intelligent, hint of nationalism.

  4. thanks. nakakasuka talaga kasi when you realize how whitewashed pinoys are. talagang bad case of colonial mentality. mestizos can be goodlooking. i like ’em, too. i mean aga muhlach (the slim version) and jon hall for ex. are HOT but for every type na ganyan meron din namang moreno like jericho o piolo o iago raterta na hot, ah. mestizo is only ONE AMONG MANY TYPES of beauty pero for pinoys that’s THE ONLY ONE. it’s sad, it’s basically white people (spaniards) taking over our country dati then brainwashing us repeatedly, that we’re inferior and white-skinned or white people are more superior–and we believe them! how sick. you really see it more when you go out of the country. we’re one of the worst IMO among asians. koreans from what i’ve seen are the most proud of their own, tapos siguro chinese. then japanese. pinoys are the worst. seriously.

    back to the ‘brazilian invasion’ … educated ‘guesstimate’ lang ‘to ha pero i bet these same models who are so popular here won’t or didn’t do so well in brazil. tsk, tsk … i personally think henrique is hot pero i’m just saying in general. i think that’s the pattern in modelling in the states, eh. it’s understood that if you can’t make it big in that market you still have a chance sa asia. that’s where the term ‘big in japan’ comes from. yeah, we get the inferior product.

    jmo …

  5. JMO, my friend…you said it all. brave and complete… nothing more i can add or we will just be going in circles…my chest tightens and my eyes moist when i hear of things wrong with the phils. (i am from a mix blood too, an ex-pat and a dual citizen). just don`t ask me to sing LUPANG HINIRANG.
    me and christian bautista are still learning the words…*****

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