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High Bar

And the newest Bench Body endorser is in a lovely praia a thousand miles away and goes by the name of Arthur Nory. If his name sounds awfully familiar, he’s a champion gymnast from Brazil (if you’re a sports follower) and a famous celebrity with a wank video (if you’re a regular internet wanker). So before he puts on the world-class briefs of Bench (owner had to travel there to oversee the shoot), here are some interesting photos of the cute gymnast after the jump.

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    1. Si ben chan ba ang responsibke sa casting department ng mga shows or siya ba yung pumipili ng kung sino ang endorse? Baka may mga scout or assistant siya na nagrerecommend. Either way, babad sa “scandal” sites kung sino man yon.

  1. I never get tired of that Charming Face. Hindi nakakasawa mukha nya compared sa ibang Brapanese. Love you Arthur! Sarap mo. 😭

  2. GOOD JOB! At least accomplished athlete – Ollympiian pa! Sampu sampera ng may katawan na naghuhubad – pero someone who has a concrete achievement other than being a poser with a nice physique. Arthur has competed at the toughest world stage and done exceedingly well!

    NEXT: Be-medalled Olympic divers Tom Daley and Chris Mears (gold medal + wank video). Yummmm

  3. Search nyo sa google : anthur nory s3x video > 18 mins long video chat s3x. Sherep nya mga beshie.

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