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Hot Hot Heat

Not AVO, but close. Big nose. Sturdy legs. Hot bod. It’s male mod John Daryl Rose, basking under the sun without any care in the world. Mr. Rose is also in that “old” and “veteran” league of models, but he’s still packing the yummy goods.
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  1. yummy sya ha considering mataba sya before. dapat poster boy sya at si felix tiomico ng proper diet and exercise sa mga obese

  2. I actually thought this was Erwan Heussaff given the hair, the stubble, and the jawline. But once I saw the tattoo, I knew my guess was wrong. Nice one RD!

  3. =====================
    Anonymous said…
    Sino ba 1st batch ng Arpee team bukod kay James Zablan?
    Wednesday, 20 November, 2013

    You might know some of them as they were in TV during the hey day of Pinoy models in the late 90’s and early to mid 2000’s.

    To name a few….

    Adrian Zabala – Viva Hot Men
    Jerome Ocampo – Viva Hot Men
    The Lara Brothers
    Albert Adrales

  4. Julian Roxas isa pang nagpuputa na taga DLSU. kung umasta kala nyo kung sinong sosy pa booking naman pala sa mga becky!

  5. Albert Adrales alaga dati ni Mama Rey? chusera ka teh. Hindi nagaalaga si Rey Pamaran ng kapwa becky. Mga derecho lang ang nirerecruit nya sa RPteam.

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