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Hunky Sam

I get it that you – collectively – don’t like Sammy as much as Vince lording it over the Bench Body empire of underthings and such. Sam looks a bit older than his age. Not as cute as Vince with the long legs. And then again, Sam is a bit as hunky as Vince. He’s still hot as fuck, if you ask me.
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  1. I don’t care if he looks kinda old. His body is to-die-for. He is very nice too. I had a photo op with him during the Bench Body PFW show. He looks better in person!

  2. i looooovvvve it !!! shots here you just can’t get anywhere else. going to this blog always makes my day 😀 salamat!!!

  3. keber kung mukha syang older. mas betchikola ko talaga si sam. ang lamya kaya ni vince tapos ang haba-haba ng mga biyas pero ang liit ng ulo. ditraks na ako kay sam.

  4. i love sam. i’ve always preferred mature and older looking men, parang wine lang ang mga lalaki gurls, they get better with age.

  5. Kung makapan-lait naman yung iba, as if naman papatulan kayo neto. He is effin hot, people should learn appreciate. Stop judging.

    1. correct. so many here are cheapanga dominicana. and am sure they dont understand that. mga pobre!

  6. Anonymous said…
    Kung naging varsity ito ng UE for sure 100% pabooking!

    Pabooking din si Roi Sumang ng UE? Sino pa ang pabooking sa UE?

    Back to topic: gusto ko magpakantot kay Sam… looks like he has a hot dick inside his white brief.

  7. nakita ko sya sa Greenbelt kahapon kasama nya yung girlftriend nyang chinita. tapos kiniss nya sa lips. ang sweet sweet nya sa girlfriend nya. Galing sila sa Beauty bar. Siguro nagpabili yung pechay ng kung anik anik,

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