The deep dark web churned up a naked photo of the hotter twin Tyler Mata. Who’s elated, who’s not? I’ve always known this is the more daring one of the cute duo. He appeared in some exhibition of naked dudes for an Asian show.Β  Now, the question left to ask, worthy of the archives at is: Do identical male twins have identical genitalia?

64 thoughts on “Identical”

    1. Tereeeyyy sa next please.. kinaganda po yan! Hahahaha baklang chararat na tambay sa tindahan!hahahahah

    1. Save mo teh yung pic… edit mo sa mga editing apps ang exposure, shadows, at black nung pic. Makikita mo.

  1. If you have adobe photoshop mobile app on your phones, adjust the exposure and voila,you will see behind the text. Nicely hung and a low hanger.

  2. Edited ata ito. Look at his old photo here wearig versace briefs. Same pose. Yun lang ba kayang pose nito?

  3. May nakakabit na dyan sa nota niya kaya mukhang maliit. Try niyong i-search Perfection by David Tan. Ang daming lalaking ganyan din ang kuha, sa nota din nakalagay yung watermark.

  4. Nude photoshoots are normal for models. But the lower part looks edited. I don’t know. Na-excite pa naman sana ako. LOL

  5. Confirm na game sa hubaran si Tyler sa Thailand given the right price!
    Si Tanner kaya?
    Yung mga baklang trying hard social climber dyan invest na kay Tyler and then share it!
    Huwag madamot else ang bayag nyo mapupunta sa noo nyo!

  6. Ayyy HAYUP! Na sight ko na. Malambot pa pero mahaba na. Grower sana si Fafa Tyler. Swerte nung mga najugjug nya na. Mukhang wild eh, naughty! Syet ang sarap!

    1. Not true. Search for photographer David Tan’s photo series Tainted Perfection. He is a features model where this photo came from.

  7. This is obviously edited, Tyler will never do frontal nudity, he is a classy male model, There is a pic of him wearing an underwear with a pose like this so please RD don’t post edited pics like this!

      1. To RD tama don’t post fake photo on your blog nacicira ang credibility ng blog mo! Tapos yung model nacicira imahe Kung fake ang photo pls specify it..

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