61 thoughts on “Idol”

  1. me first! i love him. tho he looks bi. i so fantasize him. im fingering in front of his pics.. looks yummy

      1. Hindi naituturo ang breeding sa school, obviously. No wonder most are maintaining their anonimity. Who would be proud anyway with that kind of character?

  2. Mukha nya talaga yung tipong mga may alter sa twitter at nag popost ng pahada vids nya. No surprise kung meron man

  3. I’ve seen this kid in Valk during last years cebration nila.. Jusko, parang baget na pabooking na criminology at vocational course student ang peg.. totoy at maskulado pero kulang sa chunkyness.. parang palakang dinadisect with all it muscles. Totoy pero sincepayat sya.. for sure its totoymola

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