Imagining Mike

I received these images some time back in the mail. It looks uncannily like someone we all know, but of course that’s not our all-around good-boy-next-door. Nevertheless, with identity not fully established [and in doubt], this boy’s image still makes for one good subject of raunchy fantasies. Right?

53 thoughts on “Imagining Mike”

  1. Why would you imagine a Mike, a Carlos, a James or a Jake, when and if you’ll have this guy in front of you? I bet this guy is much more special than whoever that Mike is…

  2. Ay mga baklush! Speaking of which. Nawatch nyu ba ang video sa pornhub ng isang Maecy (we’re sure sya yon) na recruiter coordinator chu chu ng mga bikini models at photoshoots, kung saan bini videohan nya ang isang model habang nagjajaks at pinapanood sa videocall ng isang bading na mala matronang sponsor ang arrive ang voice….sunud sunuran syempre ang modelo sa halagang? sa mala matronang patron! Ewan kung nasa pornsite pa hah mukhang may nagdelete, syempre hide bka ma expose sa pinag gagawa nilang model modelan kuning kuning…grabehh!

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