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In fighting form

StrieglIt’s always double the sexy when it comes to men who are achievers. You know, like athletes who are powerful and win medals and and all the glory of the sports they’re in. Mark Striegl is in that league of admirable men – good looks, near-perfect hard bod and of course, amazing athletic skills. In case you didn’t know, Mark is a champion mixed martial artist.

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      1. You’re the nightmare. However, you’re not a night terror, but a laughingstock. Bwahahahahahahaha

  1. mark is oozing with so much sex, good looks, macho bod, amazing bulge, i luv to devour on his athletic cock. i just luv the guy.

  2. mapapmura ka sa sarap…lunurin mo ako sa tamod mo Mark.. mga bakla..hadahin na natin….char!!!

  3. Naiimagine ko na sarili ko habang chinuchupa sya… nangingilid ang luha at nabibilaukan ng bonggang bongga!

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