In stark contrast…

.. while Per Martin Grogaard [top photos] gets to pose for amateur shots in a lonely beach in his printed jockeys, Haroun “Ron” Morales stirs up his shots in a controlled environment in his Bench undies. Both are Be Bench alum – the 6’0″-tall Martin as the second eliminee and the 5’10”-tall Haroun as first runner-up in the finals night. Haroun went on to do print ads for the underwear company while Martin [who shows a lot of promise, if you ask me] had to go back to his native Cebu.

8 thoughts on “In stark contrast…”

  1. martin grogaard is the batch’s braggart. he was so full of himself, in against another stark cntrast witht he timid and mysterious haroun.

    ano to? bakit may b-meg sacks sa background? i never really expected it’s martin the first tiem i saw this pics. i almost didn’t recognize him. rd didn’t even care to photoshop the background hehehe.

    rd, pls feature the other 6-footer be bench alum – the one who posed in with only his undies and a basketball. the bulky one. i forgot his name.

  2. Hmm. I really like Haroun kasi lalaking-lalaki. Tapos, is it just me or parang semi-hard yung notes niya? Hihihi.

    Martin’s pics have all the sexiness of an amateur photoshoot. May dating naman on its own. Hello, his armpits are hairy and clean looking, wala pang intrusion ng lighting effects.

    So, yeah, I agree with you, RD: stark contrast. Pero they both arouse me.

    Is that OK? Hihihi.

  3. ill go for the masculine full figured martin anytime …rather than this effem looking emaciated looking and very malamya haroun ……..

  4. rd, i just went to the be bench website. si kerbie pala yung tinutukoy ko. sana i-feature mo rin siya. yummy than martin. i have seen some bad pics posted here, but i have never seen one with b-meg sacks behind (heh gusto ko lagn ihirit muli).

  5. Ay, sobra naman si Anonymous (April 15, 2008 2:46 PM) for saying that Haroun is “effem looking emaciated looking and very malamya.” There are differences between effem and gracious, emaciated and lean, and malamya and gentle. Ron is a gracious gent, nicely lean, and gentle.

  6. Agree ako kay Anonymous (April 16, 2008 2:17 AM). Actually I am the Haroun type. Looking a bit reserved and emanates a good-boy aura. Pero I don’t look as good as Haroun. Hehe.

  7. John A., you are “the Haroun type”? And you look “a bit reserved and emanates a good-boy aura” pero you don’t look as good as Haroun? If you’re half as good, wow, mag-eyeball tayo at liligawan kita. Huwag ka lang magtititile. Ha ha ha!

  8. the guy in the amateur pic is way sexier than the one in the photoshopped studio pic…………martin looks malaman and fresh…while haroun looks dry and i dont see any hint of sexiness in him…….just blah ,palin and boring

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