Introducing: Michael McLeland

Here’s another hottie, who goes by the name of Michael McLeland. Apparently, another fly-in model as he has lately been spotted in fashion shows and tvc castings. Michael stands 6′-tall and was last seen at the Bench Blackout show wearing horns and undersized underwear. I don’t have the 411 on the guy yet but know-it-all fucks who lurk in this site can autofill the details on this shoot [Manila Yacht Club], where he came from, age, preferences, etc.

16 thoughts on “Introducing: Michael McLeland”

  1. Thank you for your posts RD. They make my day kahit na NSFW yung iba. Don’t mind those people trying to discredit you. Inggit lang sila sa mga connections mo.

  2. his dad is american his mom is filipina he’s from subic at mahal na mahal ko sya chos! he has a stunning older brother…

  3. type ko to rd, please post more of him. i love tall handsome muscular men. sana maka dyowa ko to sumday

  4. Di ba maganda ang old-fashioned swimming trunks, like Michael is wearing here. ‘Yung usong “board shorts” tinatanggal and sex appeal ng mga hunky beachcombers.

  5. Anonymous said…
    masarap ba sha reco brillantes? or si anderson?

    August 6, 2008 9:18 PM

    anderson sandrini?

  6. hindi sila mag jowa ni ms reco iba ang umaaswang dyan kay michael thunder na bekie may connect ata sa isang mag yun ang sey sey…

  7. naku noh, regular hada yan ni robbie carmona. at sosyal, every time gusto sya hadahin ni robbie, fly muna sila ng boracay. dun dapat ang hadahan. bongga diba?

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