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It’s not easy wearing green

StefanWell, not that easy but Stephen Dorschner, premier bikini boy, wears the teenie tiny underthings like second skin. Speaking of skin, this boy’s so flawless and I can only imagine him live in person wearing that! Stephen or Stephan, whatever nom de guerre he wants in the bikini world, attributes the good looks and physique to his Filipino-German folks. So there!

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    1. Si Mama Ronald Mendoza Cristobal ang handler niya, unluckily di na sya pwede kasi pag mamay-ari na sha ni mama lols!

  1. He’s simply perfect! Wanna suck him all day! Pabooking ba siya? Any contacts bout him?
    Just text me! Please! Wanna have him
    09154583873 here’s my number, and im also finding sexmates! Anyone? Just text or call me 🙂

  2. Wanna strip those clothes off then suck him hard! I bet he has big dick because he’s half german! Ughh!
    Guys? Pabooking ba siya? Any contacts or info about him!? Just text me! Please!
    09154583873 here’s my number! And Im finding sexmates too, just text or call me !

  3. Same school kami dati and even in his college days he was sooo hot already.. approachable yan mga teh.. you can hang on with him… i mean, inde suplado… and very fluent in speaking iluko language kasi tubong ilocos pero ang fudir yata ang german ☺

  4. Schoolmate ko din yan nung hs sa dwcl ang payat pa nya nun tas lakas maka punto ng wikang iloco. Akalain mo magiging suki pla sya ng bikini open

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