55 thoughts on “Jingle Bells”

  1. thank you so much rd for granting my request hehehe more butts please,.,. wtf I wanna fuck that smooth and tight ass,.,.

    1. ateng! baka u want to be fuck in the ass! wrong grammars teh! kadirsdirs ikaw pa mag fuck sa lalake! eww! lalake mag fuck satin! wit sila!

      1. nagco comment ka na wrong grammar e ikaw mismo e much worse. you said “wrong grammarS”? kailan nagkaroon ng plural na grammar? hahaha tapos “u want to be fuck in the ass!” it should be “..want to be fuckED in the ass,” idiot. it’s in passive voice, past participle, stupid!!!! (eye roll here)

          1. TONTA KA RIN. To be fucked is passive voice. To fuck is active voice. In this case sabi nya TO BE FUCKED, so passive voice talaga yan. hay naku, ang daming tonta sa mundong ito.

  2. yan ang fave position ko sa guy pag nasa bed…nakadapa tapos medyo nakaangat ang pwet at nakabuka ang thighs tapos nakalaylay yung bayag.

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