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The new Lucky Me Noodles commercial featured a Korean guy, who looked dapper and ethereal, perpetually yakking the word “jjampong” as the TVC rolled on. His name is Paulo Han, a 27-year-old Korean-Brazilian model doing the rounds of the runways and commercials around Asia. Just like jjampong [Korean noodle soup and seafood with hot red pepper], Paulo Han is spicy hot!
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5 Comments on "Jjampong!"

  1. maple says:

    i always have a “spot” in my heart and “boner” for koreans, even if what you posted is only half-breed. they are wondering all over the world now. one of these days i shall get my fantasy fulfilled and add to my multicultural mosaic. rd hope this guy is a start, pls. continue posting other gudlkg. koreans in the future. sorry i do not know any korean words except kimchi & bulgoggi.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ang landi mo naman jjampong! dios ko !

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks for this one!!!

  4. angelika sinaniban says:

    ang laswa ng commercial!!! lalo nang nginangasab niya at sinisipsip ang….noodlessss!!!! que horror! mameee am wetttt nah

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