John Lopez strikes a pose

While some of his contemporaries at the now-defunct Mossimo Bikini Summit have now taken the showbiz route [e.g. Aljarreau Galang, Mr. Racho, Haroun Morales, Kim Gantioqui], Derek Zoolander-wannabe¬†John Anthony Lopez is quietly making a name as a top model in the country. He’s been seen in the fashion runways lately for top designers and commercial brands. Noticeably, he’s the only moreno model in the local brand Folded & Hung’s underwear line.

11 thoughts on “John Lopez strikes a pose”

  1. POUTY LIPS…are nice on women but not on mihn. sandra bernhard (the epitome), angelina joli, etc. goes well with lips that are medical-procedure enhanced. sorry John but you look like you just came out of a boxing ring – A SORE LOSER.

  2. isa sya sa bet ko sa 2010,.pang leading man ang dating,.lakas ng apil parang si DEREK RAMSEY,…sana more tv shows at movies…i guess,,ipapareha sya kay MR at CARLA ABELLANA soon….may potential syang sumikat…

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