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Johnron Exclusive!

Johnron Tanada revealed that, despite his being with Viva Films for quite some time now, he just recently signed an exclusive contract with the artist management arm of the company. Which means, we can expect more Johnron appearances in Viva projects soon. In fact, he made a brief appearance in the Robin Padilla-Aiai delas Alas movie produced by Viva. And as for the Viva Digital movie he will be doing under the Jay Altarejos-Lex Bonife team [Parola, Antonio], the shoot starts today all the way up to Vigan City. Entitled Kambyo, this is a gay road trip movie, which will [again] show off Johnron’s jewels. Lex promised exclusive stills for the site, so there’s something to watch out for,guys. And, as for this photo shoot [images above], I will be posting Johnron photos soon sans the jeans.
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  1. Yeah, medyo napakapal ang powder? Pero kung wala ang powder, very sexy ang amateurish feel ng pics. Nakaka-el, parang kapitbahay mong hottie ang dating ni Johnron. I like the peeking armpit hairs sa first photo at ang yummy nipples. Haay.

  2. i don’t star quality in his face. it’s too common. having a great bod is standard these days for model-actor wannabes so unless he can really act, the fairies at Viva are just devouring his “jewels” promising superstardom. malalanding badet kasi yang mga taga Viva Digital. hahahahahahahahahahaha.

  3. i don’t see star quality in his face. it’s too common. having a great bod is standard these days for model-actor wannabes so unless he can really act, the fairies at Viva are just devouring his “jewels” promising superstardom. malalanding badet kasi yang mga taga Viva Digital. hahahahahahahahahahaha.

  4. Hindi talaga maunderestimate ang visitors dito. Either expert cosmetic artists or skilled image editors (Photoshop). ARtWeaver lang gamit ko at sayang walang HealBrush ang gamit kong image editor hehehe.

    I really do not know why Johnron is the most sought after Viva Hotmen. Too bland. Unlike Paolo S.

    Sa mga previous na nagcomment about kay armpit lover, ayan masaya na kayo iba naman ang comment niya. hehehe.

  5. incidentally i am going up north this week. i hope to see johnron………..any idea where he is staying?

  6. yuck! he looks sissy-to-the-max in these photos. i really can’t stand makeup artists who try to foist their obsession with pancake goo on male models/actors.

  7. Salamat, john aspen 🙂

    Saka kung may care ang iba na balikan, I also talk about other things.


    Tama na nga ang warla, mga sisters. Nakakasora ang warla.

    Let’s love each other na lang. And adore the guys na pinopost dito, makapal na powder or not.


  8. Naku, ha, Shopaholic. Sinu-sino naman ang “malalanding badet” sa Viva Digital ang tinutukoy mo? Para na bang ABS-CBN ang Viva?

  9. juice ko, sought after itich??? ER na ER ang dating noh. well, may market naman talaga ang mga ER…fero kung papatol akek sa isang ER, sa driver na lang namin noh, di hamak na mas masarap pa sa johnron na yan.

  10. Agree! Johnron looks “sissy-to-the-max” in the second photo. Hindi kailangang makeup artist o bakla para mapansing pambabae ang makeup niya at malamya ang tingin niya.

  11. natawa ako sa comment ni cappricciosa. naalala ko tuloy ang blog entry before abotu the driver’s son. hehehe.

    anyway, basta driver, sweet lover.

  12. Syangapala, Congratulations to Justin de leon for being nominated as Best Supporting Actor in Golden Dove Awards for the movie Ang lalake sa parola..this just proved one thing, the guy has TALENT!!! Way to go Justin..I hope u win!

  13. Mga hunghang na mga bakla di make up yan, photoshopped yan, pinakinis yung mukha, I can easily do that thru my Mac even without the photoshop software. Make up or none, Johnron is such a dolly!!

    I get excited with this info RD. You mentioned about exclusive update on this movie and Johnron, the more reason why I have to check your site everyday. I actually do couple of times a day. Please pag may bagong pictures of Johnron dont waste time to post them or anything about him will be greatly appreciated.

    I don’t know but this could be a long shot, I hope to get Johnron’s mailing address/email address where I and his fans can communicate with him.

    In the meantime, Ill make do seeing him here. Walang kokontra!!

  14. ER yung mga drivER, waitER, construction workER, carpentER, at kung anu anung anik anik pang blue collar workERs. hihihi

  15. Johnron went to Macau to live a much simplier life that that of show business, lets give him a break, he wants to change somehow than fighting over a cameo role in a low budgeted indifilm

  16. johnron is the youngest among the handsome men in DD3 macau and when he dances on stage, you can really feel his energy and his very strong sex appeal

  17. I always dream of having a serious boyfriend whom I think will be suitable for me, Johnron has the character of an ideal boyfriend not just being a companion in bed but a person to share your dreams with

  18. In the past, he might just have been a victim of opportunities and circumstances due to his young age and innocent mind, but honestly, I think Im falling in love with him already

  19. I am willing to change everything about him for me to be proud of him if he will just give me a chance to do so and if he will not take for granted my feeling for him

  20. Johnron’s face is very sweet, with expressive chinky eyes and manly body that everyone must be dreaming of, but it’s not just the face the body and the looks, its the feling of having someone like him who is always ready to be a friend to lean on and a friend that you can count on

  21. I know I was talking too serious about Johnron but honestly, I am very much impressed with his looks and his actions, his sweetness is not very much impressive but hes trying to be sweet to the best way that he could

  22. Johnron, I know you already know who I am but honestly, I want to be very close to you and show you how much i care for you, i dont care about your past

  23. Johnron, I am not putting too much pressure on you but I wish you already knew who I am, I am your friend and I will be your very good friend.

  24. Lat but not the least, I wish you all the best on your chosen new career and I dont see anything wrong in what youa re doing right now as long I will always have a space in your heart, not wexpecting anything but honestly I admire you so much

  25. I am not very rich, I am a true person, I am professional and i am a friend that you can always count on. I can share with you some precious time in Hong Kong but but I am not promising you the sun and the stars and not even the moon, I am just promising you the real essence of friendship

  26. You dont ned to look handsome in pictures, because I love looking at your face in person because your smile can pave all my problems away

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