Jon Hall is in the house!

Although he is not that visible these days, the mostest Bench underwear model Jon Hall still delivers that raw and manful bearing he has always been known for. Based in Cebu [Malapascua] to be with his Filipino mother and British father [he also has a sister into modeling], he shuttles back to Manila when there are projects. The ultimate male model has declared in a magazine interview that he has now grown mature as he is “pretty mellow now though.” He also has made an effort to stop drinking to control his temper. He admits that his worst vice though is smoking. When asked if he is hot, he makes a go for modesty by saying he thinks he is “not bad looking, but I won’t be arrogant about it.”

12 thoughts on “Jon Hall is in the house!”

  1. i love how his manhood configures in that white boxer..ahh, john hall, my sex pistol. bring him back to bench billboards!

  2. too bad calvin klein is now retired at the pines (L.I. not philipPINES). he would surely drool at the sight of John – his kinda man and inspiration for his times square and mag pictorials.

  3. May scoop ako kay pareng John kahit na luma na … naging sila ng owner ng modeling agency nya. Yung girl ay may anak sa unang asawa pero hiwalay na sila. Apparently, close si John dun sa bata. I don’t know kung sila pa hanggang ngayon. If he’s still with the same agency, they could still be together 😉

  4. Tuli yan. Alam na alam sa Gold’s Gym nung nandito pa sya based dati sa Metro Manila. Di nahihiya yan maghubo sa locker. Di naman sya horse hung tulad ng akala ng iba, pero di rin naman bulate.

    At para sa mga babae’t bading na madalas magtanong sa ibang forum/blog, Oo maitim nga ang ari nya, pero ano naman ngayon e pinoy na pinoy naman itsura nya talaga, so it’s nothing surprising.

    Matinong tao ito, objectify him if you wish, but let’s keep the respect.

  5. I saw him one time. Papunta ako ng airport. Pasakay ako ng bus. And suddenly I hear this motorcycle roaring! And OMG! It was the hottamali John Hall! T*ng Ina! I can’t help but stare… Nakakaloka! He’s my fantasy! A walking Phallic Symbol! LOL Di nga talaga!

  6. All male models for Bench mostly come across as handsome or cute “artistas”. None of them ever spelled “sexy” the way John Hall does. That guy is a man.

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