Kevin Better

Of all the underwear models, Kevin Redder takes the cake for his cuteness. He embodies clean-cut wholesomeness and good clean fun, although I think he’s an exception today. The tall frame and noticeable bulge factor in to the sexiness of this 25-year-old model, of course.

32 thoughts on “Kevin Better”

      1. Puhrang di po weird si Kua Clint, creepy po siya! Kea nga po team Sam po ako puhra sa twinnie Catriona ko eh. Kahit lalambotlambot si Titoh Sam, puhrang mas ok pa rin siya talaga. Kashokot na si kua Clint.

  1. Lagi niyang kasama si LA Aguinaldo at yung boyfriend niya na nasa New York. Pati si Angelo Rubia. Sa Instagram ko nakikita.

  2. Daming underwear models ngayon walang K magmodel ng undies sa totoo lang. yang ganyang patpatin look ideal sa ramp modeling, pero for undies kailangan ng konting bulk susme.

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