Hot Men in the Philippines

Killer Bod

That’s model most-ubiquitous Mark McMahon. He’s in practically all the major print ads and boards these days. If he looks familiar on tv, you may have seen him with the puppy-dog eyes singing to his girlfriend in the Smart Telecoms TVC [“wag na init ulo baby.. “]. Of course, he’s one of the regular boys at the Bench Body empire.
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  1. ang taba at ang laki-laki ng etits nito! swerte ng beking makakatikim sa kanya! mukhang ang bango-bango pa nya kahit pawisan!

  2. tapos na akong magpantasya kina dennis trillo, jake cuenca at paulo avelino…. sya na ang bagong fantasy ko! mark mcmahon, ikaw na! ikaw na! …ang bagong boylet fantasy ko!

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