Hot Men in the Philippines


And we can only gaze in awe at Kirk Bondad’s fine physique. He’s sweating it out in a skimpy number and I can just smell the testosterone, the strong manly scent coming from the recesses and crevices of his flesh. Kirk teases and pleases and he knows it.

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  1. Malaki at mataba burat neto just search TwerkinKiki on Twitter and look for one of the vid teasers posted there. Clue: black phone 😉

    Happy watching

    1. Kung totoo man sinasabi mo Bax edi sana pinost mo ditey ung link. Mukhang Nanetnet Imbentor ka lungz.


    2. Sows di naman makasiguro na sya. Nilagyan nung mahaderang alter ng napakalaking harang yung fezlak ng mhin.

  2. I am sure that all gays and many women would love to explore the “recesses and crevices of his flesh.”

    I hope he is the prize of a raffle…to be sponsored by…yeah hah!

  3. Apple of the eye yan ni G3 Cafe pati Kevin Balot kaya nag-away ang dalawa sa Instagram !!
    Ang issue eh si Kevin ang nauna pero naharbat agad ni mamshie G3
    Well !! Ganyan talaga pag mapera

  4. watch nyo un avon fashion show and un check nyo un IG ni aeron cruz na magkatabi sila. susme parang kasing laki lang ng kalamansi un nota nyan si kirk! hahahaha

  5. Bakit ganun ang pose? Parang kopya lang kay Catriona Gray. Hahaha.

    Mas gusto ko pa din si Paulo Avelino dito.

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