Lance Howard lunges forward

When I was younger, I used to stare at the glossy calendars with half-naked women [usually in tacky shiny swimsuit] posing beside sparkling sports cars.  The attention to those women wasn’t so much in the prurient state but more on the silly imagination of replacing those images with men in undersized underwear [tacky and shiny, too].   Now, with immense technology, i can do just that. For example, here’s Lance Howard, a 6’1″-tall male model who’s getting visible again in the runway modeling circuit after some hiatus [He joined Ginoong Pilipinas 2007 –  the one won by Dennis Barrion].

10 thoughts on “Lance Howard lunges forward”

  1. Ok RD, i need to comment on this one. I don’t care kahit sabihin ng ibang mga comment-ers rito that he’s not a modelesque type or that he lacks the charisma and body to show off.

    But he’s my kind of man. A dream boy. I will feel unintimidated if I stood beside him. He looks like an average joe outside but oozes with je n’ai sais quoi inside.

    I’m in love.

  2. Gusto ko din sya. Gwapo in person at matangkad at hindi masyadong maskulado. Lagi syang kasama nung bading na malaki katawan, si Rey Pamaran ba yun? yung mayaman na bading na nakakatakot mukha at katawan. kainggit.

  3. in ginoo ginoong pilipinas 2007, he’s got the biggest bulge hehe..too bad di man lang sya nasama sa finalists..palakasan din dun e

    type ko sya, sure ako mabubulunan ako dyan hahaha

  4. ang fez, pwede na… pero he needs to bulk up pa. more work out needed para masabing certified prime beef.

    pero in fairview, malaki at mataba ang notes, based sa ginoong pilipinas pics, yung part na halos see through na white trunks ang suot ng contestants. hahaha

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