Luke Jickain rules

When it comes to the runway, this guy rules. But, I’m just wondering why most-delish male mod Luke Jickain did not pursue his showbiz career, despite the relative success of the Mullallys, Devaughns and Basas in ABS-CBN. Remember he did leading man status in ABS-CBN’s mermaid series, way before the onslaught of the male models acting, singing and teasing on the telly.  The 28-year-old half-French model could have been big and famous considering that he is better-looking than most of the models-turned-actors now.

10 thoughts on “Luke Jickain rules”

  1. hmmm….go-see attire ba itong underwear na ito? parang the same ang suot nila ni erick eleazar sa earlier post. malamang photo files ito ng isang go-see

  2. malamang nga sa go-see yan.pero he looks different on his hair now.He doesn’t looks like Luke?!hehehe…

  3. he tried showbusiness but was unsuccessful…he only looks good in photos but on camera and tv he looks horrible…..

  4. plus he does not have the personality……..very malamya siya magsalita and he was not really attractive…his brother martin looks better than him

  5. this pic was taken during the fitting for bench blackout show kaya pare-pareho suot nila. still a big question how that eric eleazar made it in the show with that figure. hmmmmm….there was politics somewhere.

  6. c luke kinabit kasi yan ni wenn deramas kaya malas!

    ngayon ino offeran daw yan ng role sa betty la fea, tinangihan. di type niya mas type nya ang role ni piolo as armando. ambisyoso din kasi itung c luke-loko-loko.

  7. He looks really different now compared before, anyway he looks way better.I’m just wondering if there has been some changes made in his face.

  8. mas masarap sya ngayong nagmature, lalaking lalaki na. eh dati mukha syang twinky twinky girly girly bekbek. isusuka ko sha, ngayon lalamunin ko sha ng buong buo!

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