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Male model Jiro Shirakawa is a go-getter. In a good way, of course, as he has a grand design for his success in the future, and that is in show business. The 19-year-old cutie conveniently dropped out of school to pursue his wish to be in the glitz and glamor of the modeling industry. After winning the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 just recently, he is all set to invade tv. Maybe he is going the way of the reality tv route, that is, as one of the contestants where people would get to know him better in candid and unguarded episodes. Something like ABS-CBN’s edition of the Big Brother series, perhaps?
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  1. di ko talaga magetlash kung paano nanalo to. I was there sa pageant and he didn’t stand out, hindi rin sha ang crowd favorite. i have a feeling may under the table deal na naganap.

  2. A foreign sounding name doesnt always connotes a
    Cutie particularly in this face. Mas guwapo pa Hardinero namin.

  3. super luto ang mossimo pageant. kinarir ng dating director na si duds santiago. nangialam sa production ni fritz ynfante dahil hindi nya matanggap na hindi sya ang kinuhang director. eh dahil magkumare si duds at ang marketing director ng mossimo kaya napulitika ng bakla ang buong production. maski si mark manikad pinapanalo nya dahil gusto nya i-manage. then after the pageant, bigla nag announce na mali ang tabulation ng judges kaya pinasok si geron lontok as one of the winners. yun pala, pinangakuan si geron ni duds santiago ng winning slot kaya ginawan ng paraan. angel jacob was one of the judges who incidentally is being managed by duds santiago. kasama ni duds sa krimen ang stylist na si regi cruz.

  4. Oo nga naman let’s give Jiro a chance kasi he is a nie kid. Gusto lang nya mag succeed and he’s not stepping into someone else’s foot.

  5. not all foreign sounding names connote an extra-ordinary body. so ordinary looking with no x-factor. RD again has failed us in this photo

  6. mahiya nga kayo mga bakla, eh mas balingkinitan pa katawan nyan sa inyo pinagpapantasyahan ninyo.

    wala na bang mga bruskong lalaki rd? puro twinks at effem na ata ang trend ngayon sa mga male models!

  7. he’s really nice and pinaghirapan naman tlaga nya lahat.. so please stop it.. nababasa nya din mga comments so please be fair.

  8. mabuti naman at nababasa nya ang comments para malaman niyang common knowledge na lutuan nag naganap nung Mossimo! we know pinaghirapan talaga niya.. for a straight guy, super duper hirap pumatol sa mga chakang bakla noh.

  9. hindi kagandahan ang katawan. pati face hindi rin kagwapuhan. obviosa ngang may hocus pocus na naganap nung pageant.

  10. Talagang lutong-luto talaga iyang Mossimo na yan! walang karapatang manalo si Jiro nong gabi na yun kasi mas maraming stand out na male contestant kumpara kay Jiro. Kahit sa picture ay walang appeal itong si Jiro kaya nakakapagtaka kung bakit nanalo itong si Jiro sa Mossimo.

  11. I was at the MRT and saw Jiro. I must say that he was very appealing and hot. He wore a white Mossimo 2009 shirt but I must say the pants were a little bit dirty cause I can see stains all over it. We both got off at Quezon Ave and headed off the ABS-CBN area. All I can say is that he is super hot!

  12. To all haters and bitters, stop messing around. Why did you all bother to visit this link??? Don’t be so judgemental. Jiro/Kenji Shirakawa is a kind person. He is a straight guy. If you want proof, contact his girl or his family. Boo all of you haters/bitters. It’s just that you can’t accept the fact that Jiro/Kenji is straight. And in modeling inustry, LEAN bodies are now the trend. No red tape, no under the table. He just did his best. He is just so true to himself and to others. He did answer the question in Tagalog, and that is the one of the factors that made him the winner. Unlike others who are trying hard to convey their thoughts in English. GO JIRO. ALL OF THEM, HATERS/BITTERS, ARE JUST TRYING TO LET YOU DOWN. YOU HAVE OUR SUPPORTS. MANY OF US SUPPORT YOU! GOOD LUCK IN YOUR WORK. WE LOVE YOU.

  13. nakasabay ko din siya sa MRT a few months ago. nung una nga, akala ko kung sino lang. Tapos nung tinititigan ko na, parang familiar. parang I saw him somewhere. then I realized, siya yung nasa picture na tinitingnan ko pag nagjajakol ako. hahaha.

    he’s cute sa personal. kumbaga, sa crowd, mahahalata mo talagang iba siya. may certain appeal. I just don’t know pag fellow models na kasama niya.

    maaga ko siya nakasabay that time eh. I think, mga 6:30-6:45 am yun sa MRT.
    wish ko lang makasabay ko ulit siya. haha.

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